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3 Top Benefits of Creating a Relationship with Your Financial Advisor

If I asked you who your closest relationships were with you’d probably have a few go-tos, right? Perhaps your spouse, your college roommate, a lifelong friend you’ve known since you were 5 years old… I’m guessing “my financial advisor” didn’t even crack the top ten?

Ouch! I’m offended… 😉

While I’m not suggesting that you and your financial advisor need to be best friends, a strong, genuine friendship with your financial advisor can be extremely beneficial for you.

It may sound silly to be “friends” with your financial advisor, after all, don’t mix business with pleasure, right? But there are rules, and then there are exceptions. In my experience, developing a relationship with your financial advisor is not only beneficial, but in some cases, vital to your financial success.

Below are just a few reasons why you’d benefit from having a relationship with your financial advisor.

Genuine Friendship

Friendship goes both ways. I’m not just expecting you to look at your financial advisor as a friend. The best advisors count their clients as close friends too. Feeling confident in your relationship gives you the peace of mind knowing that your financial advisor will always have your best interest in mind.


Many advisors tend to invest extremely conservatively. This may sound like a good thing until you end up having to reduce your goals, or extend the time horizon in order to accomplish them.

When you trust your financial advisor as a person, and develop a genuine relationship with them you’re more likely to trust their professional suggestions – as they truly understand what will be the best approach to help you reach your goals. This will help you stick to your investment plan through both rough and good times.

We Can Be So Much More Than Just Financial Advisors

Sure, you work with us because we help you manage your finances and plan for the future. But that’s not all we can do! The best advisors also take on a counseling role through trying or difficult financial times.

For example, business owners tend to tie their identity to their business, so when it comes time to retire, a trusted friend can help guide you to a happy and fulfilling retirement.

See what we mean? Fostering a true relationship with your financial advisor isn’t crazy. As professionals, financial advisors always have your best interest in mind, but developing a friendship with your financial advisor can take your business relationship to the next level.

When I started Pacific Landfall, I wanted to make sure relationships were a priority. That’s why I guarantee regular and open communication with my clients. If you’re tired of not hearing from your financial advisor, it’s time to make a change. Let’s meet!