Hi, I’m Chance Butler and I’m the Founder and CEO of Pacific Landfall. At birth, I was given a 50/50 shot a living, hence the name Chance. My early years consisted of a lot of illness which forced me home from school and I count those days as a blessing. While home sick, my grandfather was an individual investor and watching the stock market channel all day with him is where I found my passion for investing and business. I made my first investment in grade school and have been correctly managing my finances and investments ever since.

I started this firm so we could bring the Value Framework, made famous by Warren Buffett, directly to our client’s finances & investments.

It is my hope that when you work with us, you not only receive personal and expert comprehensive financial advice, but that you find a life-long friendship with our team.

I’ve been interested in business and finance since a young age. After graduating from West Point, my grandfather served, and later became president of a local company. Throughout his life, he was able to save, invest and ultimately pass on an inheritance which gave me the opportunity to start a family business with my father. With these life experiences, I’ve learned the importance of responsible money management. Now many years later, my passion still lies in finance and helping people understand and make the most of their investments.

With a young growing family of my own, I retraced Warren Buffett’s steps through Columbia University and run a Value Investing & Financial Planning firm in Fairfax Virginia.


We are a team of patient and dedicated Value Investors, that bring the Value Framework, made famous by Warren Buffett, straight to your personal and business finances.

Our Governing Principles include:

1. Treat your investment as if it were our own.

2. Remain significant investors in the businesses we buy for our clients.

3. Focus our assets in our best ideas.

4. Invest for the long-term, while striving to maximize returns and minimize business, financial, purchasing power, regulatory and market risks.

5. Discourage short-term speculators and market timers.

We truly believe the more you give, the more comes back to you. Know that when you trust one of your financial goals with us, we will not only be working to achieve that goal, but in the process, we will be making a difference in the lives of others. We donate two percent of all the earnings generated from Pacific Landfall to charity.